Synchronicity Podcast Episode 40

I was happy to chat with friend and colleague, Noah Lampert on his podcast, Synchronicity! We chatted about both going to Berklee College of Music, and the intersection of creativity, music, yoga and the spiritual path. Listen to our coversation on Episode 40 above.


Synchronicity is a term Carl Jung used to describe something he referred to as an “a causal connection of two or more psycho-physic phenomena.” Like when you think of someone and the phone immediately rings. Or that time you were reading about butterflies and suddenly a butterfly lands right next to you. Is that mere coincidence? Or is something else at play? Synchronicity (the podcast) touches on experiences and concepts that often go overlooked. The rare moments that lift the veil. Join in as we explore the unseen worlds we interact with everyday. Each guest has a unique perspective on life, reality and the mystery behind it all. Or it might be a podcast where Noah talks to some interesting people about cool stuff. You know, either way.

Lily Cushman