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Soulful Vinyasa Flow Retreat with Lesley Desaulniers at 1440 Multiversity

Join longtime colleagues and friends Lily Cushman and Lesley Desaulniers in Scotts Valley, CA for a weekend retreat at Multiversity 1440. Elevate your practice, deepen your experience of the subtle nuances of yoga practice through a unique fusion of soulful, vigorous vinyasa and live mantra music.

About the Retreat


Join renowned yoga teacher Lesley Desaulniers and Lily Cushman for this dynamic weekend retreat designed to raise your energy, increase your contentment, and sharpen your focus.

Through inspired vinyasa flow, chanting, and guided stillness, you will sink into serenity and self-awareness as you learn to:

  • Move, sweat, and renew your body through special Jivamukti-based vinyasa and heart-opening music

  • Find greater strength, stability, and freedom in your poses

  • Release old habits, fears, conditioning, and other obstacles to joy

  • Renew energy, passion, and purpose through real-world spiritual teachings and anatomy explorations

  • Practice seated and walking meditation for health, happiness, and peace.

Drawing on her gift for storytelling, a passion for music, and decades of practice and teaching, Lesley leads vinyasa flows that are accompanied by live mantra music by Lily to deepen your exploration of heart, body and mind. There will also be period of call and response chanting, and dharma talks. This retreat is a complete immersion of body, mind, and spirit into the experience of yoga.

About Lesley


Lesley Desaulniers, named one of San Francisco’s leading yoga teachers by Mantra magazine and featured in Origin Magazine‘s “Leaders Who Inspire,” is known for her energizing and soulful yoga classes.

She has been studying yoga and meditation since 1996 and was a resident of the Ananda Ashram in New York in her early twenties, where she intensively studied Sanskrit, meditation, philosophy, yoga, and chanting. Later earning certification from master teachers Sharon Gannon and David Life, she began teaching at Jivamukti Yoga in downtown Manhattan, where she returns often to lead workshops and trainings.

Her classes and retreats at premier yoga destinations throughout the year are imbued with a rare blend of sweaty vinyasa, scholarly study, spiritual awareness, and good humor. Lesley has been an ambassador for Lululemon and Athleta, and has been featured in the magazines GOOD, New York, Origin, and Fit Yoga.